The Patriarch of Aratann is one of the three highest-ranking bishiops of the Tasanair Church, having authority over ecclasiastical organization throughout Eraideird. Merac XI. acceeded this position in 2836.

Notable Patriarchs Edit

History Edit

During the whole duration of Arhathon, the Patriarch and the church were a very important authority, without whose approval the King dared no decisive step. After the division of Arhathon, the postion of the Patriarchs in Ardeir even strengthenned, while in the other two realms it weakened.

During the course of the northern wars it seemed that the church is the very force that holds the country together, but after the conquest of Ardeir the country was pillaged, and churches burnt. Also the majority of the priests were slain.

The Partiarchate was renewed in 2329, when bereh IV. was elected. Due to disputes with Berevor he was exiled from Aratann and the seat of the Patriarch was Theran Cerath until 2381.