The High Elves are Elves, found today mostly in Eraideird.

History Edit

Appearance Edit

The High Elves have dark or black hair.

Society Edit

The High Elves are nominally led by a High King, of the ruling dynasty, which is being elected from amongst the members of that dynasty, but as the property of the fallen is to be divided amongst all of his children, after every death in battle, after every war, the High Elves were less and less united.

In addition, the strong rivalry between the two branches of the High Elven royal dynasty has led to a kind of a permanent strife.

Cities as such virtually dont exist, not only because of low population, but also as each settlement has a lord above it, and the pride of many individuals causes them not to be commanded by others.

Therefore,High Elves tend to live in villages or small towns built around the seats and castles of the nobles.

Culture Edit

The High elves are knwon as great artists: poets, musicians , as great skilled craftsmen, comparable to the Dwarves. They however are very passionate, and often instinctive. Reputation is something that matters, and High Elves will do great deeds in order to gain reputation.

The High elves have a great sense for beauty, and would try to change things arround themselves to make their home a nicer place.

The High Elves have great affinity to magic and their magical artefacts were never matched by any other mortal race, but have also caused great tragedies.

Some High Elves today have a shadow behind them, a history of bad deeds.

Unlike other Elves, the High Elves are not that secretive, and are more open towards other races, but on the other hand, they are also very proud.

Economy Edit

Military Edit

Unlike other Elves, the High Elves do not severely employ archers, although they still remain an important part of the High Elven forces. Many High Elves are warriors of the sword, which is often slightly curved. However, the two-bladed swords are possibly the most common wepaon used by the High Elven infantry.

The cavalry forces are considered elite- they are made up of light cavalry and heavy knights.

But the most respected are the dragon riders.