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The Elves are inclined in some way towards nature, especially the wood Elves. They have great passion for art.Elves love nature, and the High Elves have also a passion for minerals and gems , thus in this way they are closer to Dwarves,

To foreigners, especially Dwarves, the Elves are rather untrustworthy and deceiving. If unawaited, a foreigner would usually be captured at the borders of Elven territory and brought blindfolded to the closest lord.

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The Elves are just slightly taller than humans, have pointed ears and no facial hair. They are immune to diseases. They are greatly inclined to magic, which however may become addictive for them.

Highly resistant to extremes of natural heat and cold, their clothing was worn for decoration, camouflage, or perhaps modesty. With their fine features and perfect, unmarred skin, Elves were invariably more handsome in appearance than their mortal brethren. Their senses were extremely keen, especially sight and hearing. Elves were able to see on a clear starlit night as well as if it were full daylight. In what a Man would have called "pitch blackness", an Elf could still see a few feet.The Elivish ears are only slightly pointed and more leaf-shaped than Human. 

Regarding rest, Elves suffice with virtually a quarter of that a Man would need. If wounded, they manage to heel pretty much quickly, and would never die of old age or disease.