Dímar Khebăd,(Dwarvish), or Tasanairik Kebatann, is the Dwarven quarter of Aratann. It is separated from the rest of Aratann by a wall, and houses some 280 Dwarves. The local Dwarves are mostlz craftsmen- smiths, but also jewellers, bankers and gilders. The relationships with the other citizens of Aratann are not ideal, as there have been a couple of skirmishes with the Guildsman Militia under Ceratil

History Edit

Dwarven presence in Aratann is very old, but the Dwarven quarter got its current look in 2480, when they were allowed to build walls around their quarter.

Places of note Edit

  • Citadel, from 23rd century
  • Square
  • Dwarven Temple

Characters of note Edit