The world of Talmar is populated by various creatures. These can be roughly divided into the following categories:

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Centauroid Edit

A Centauroid is a creature, who resembles a centaur- that is, a creature which resembles a human to his wasit, and an animal from the waist down. This implies that a centauroid is a creature with two arms and four legs.

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Cerninians Edit

See also: Cerninian

The Cerninians are a race of half -deer, residing in Wildlands.

Lamassu Edit

See also: Lamassu

The lamassu are centauroid creatures, having the head of a man, the body of an ox and bird wings. They dwell in the Desertlands

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(Other proposed elements include: Wood,metal,darkness, light, void, nothingness, ice/frost, death, salt, mercury,sulphur, lightning)

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Insectoids are sapient creatures, resembling insects.

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The furskin are bear-like humanoids, resembling bears to some extent. In any other way, they resemble humanoids.

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Reptilians are reptilian-derived creatures, mostly resembling dragons.

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