Aratann ("City of the King") is found on the southern end of Lake UNNAMED!!!. It is known as the seat of Patriarch Merac XI..The Alderman of Aratann is currently Taredan

History Edit

The oldest settlement was probably at Hadvarth, where there used to be an eradian (Old Halladarian) hill fort.

At the end Firstage, Eratil, the Tasanair king settled on the hill of Aravarth, and in that time also the suburbium of Hadartann. At the beginning of the Secondage, both harbours were founded as well as Tann Tavlan. Gradually also the Dwarven neighbourhood appears.After the collapse of Arhathon, Aratann remains as the capital of Ardeir. However in 2307 the city was sacked and some 10 000 of its inhabitants slain.

When in 2320 captain Berevor liberates the city, he founds some 60 huts. The population consisted of 300 Orcs, 100 Kroogs, 150 Men and 50 Dwarves. Berevor hesitated to reestablish Ardeir, but settled on Laranad. In 2329 (after 22 years) a new Patriarch was elected, but he wished to restore the kingdom, so Berevor forced him to leave. It was Berevor grandson Berebath who allowed the Patriarch to return to Aratann, leaving him the hill of Laranad, while Berebath transferred his residence to Hadvarth.

In 2510 the House of Berevor was overthrown, Hadvarth was partially ruined and the office of the Alderman of Aratann established.

Politics Edit

The Alderman is elected every 5 years since 2510. He is in charge of all affairs in the city, and nominates all his cabinet.

Currently the Alderman is Taredan

Neighbourhoods Edit

  1. Tasinth
  2. Merchatann
  3. Dímar Khebăd
  4. Hadartann
  5. Belarn
  6. Aravarth
  7. Eradann
  8. Laranad
  9. Hadvarth
  10. Tann Tavlan
  11. Hísinth
  12. Tabelden

Military Edit

  1. Guildsman Militia- 30 men, Ceratil.
  2. Dwarven Militia - 50 men, Azador
  3. Patriarchal Guard, 75 men, Arahil Halador
  4. Hadvarth garrison + prison guards, 15 men, commander unknown
  5. City garrison+ 150 men, presumably Alderman himself